Bellagio Innovative Finance Workshop, November 2017

The Financing Alliance for Health convened a multi-stakeholder community health financing workshop at the Bellagio centre to support country investment plans

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The opportunity

The Financing Alliance for Health hosted high-level policy and decision makers at Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in the beginning of November to discuss and develop solutions for financing of community health interventions. 

Participants included decision makers from governments (Ministers and Heads of Department from Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance/ National Treasury of Malawi, Uganda and South Africa), Bilateral donors: (USAID), Multi-lateral banks and institutions (Global Financing Facility, Global Fund, GAVI, Roll Back Malaria, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank), the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,  McKinsey & Company and core Financing Alliance partners (UNICEF, Office of the UN Special Envoy for Health, Last Mile Health, GSK and Total Impact Capital).

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Objectives of the summit

The workshop intended to help participating countries improve upon their community health investment plans and answer their questions on financing, and use the group to discuss existing and potentially new financing modalities. These included prioritization of domestic commitments, improvements in the efficient use of existing resources tied to program outcomes, alignment of different financing sources, and possible “innovative” financing approaches, e.g., through bonds and debt conversion modalities, as part of broader health financing strategies


During the sessions, the Financing Alliance launched its newly developed “Financing Compendium” which is a comprehensive catalogue of all existing financing instruments available to governments for community health. The Financing Alliance also provided a preview to the upcoming publication of a key knowledge document developed with USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (USAID CII). This publication established the current level of financing invested in community health in Sub-Saharan Africa and an estimated initial funding gap of more than $2bn per year. The group discussed key insights for a white paper (“A meeting of minds: harnessing multi-stakeholder and multi-source funding to realize community health return on investment in Africa”), which will be developed and co-authored by the participants and for release in the first half  of 2018.

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Next Steps

The Financing Alliance for Health will further engage countries and development partners, to refine and restructure their plans, with an eye toward identifying components that are well positioned to explore the potential use of the two proposed debt financing structures for community health.

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