lizah masis

Country Investment & Knowledge Director

Lizah is a global health and finance leader with a passion for increasing access to care in low and middle income countries through finding sustainable financing solutions for health systems and critically assessing where resources are invested to maximize population health.  

Lizah previously worked in Wells Fargo’s Global Financial Institutions group as a Country Officer based in San Francisco covering US based Asia-Pacific institutional clients. She later transitioned to European coverage based in London as a Relationship Manager for large and complex bank clients. In both roles, she was responsible for strategically developing and deepening Wells Fargo’s relationships with a portfolio of select clients. She was also responsible for managing credit and compliance risk associated with the portfolio in conjunction with Global Relationship Managers and risk underwriting teams.

Most recently, Lizah served as the Business Development and Finance lead for the internationally renowned London School of Economics (LSE) Africa Summit, a dynamic platform bringing together leading scholars, policy makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students for a robust conversation on issues impacting the African continent. In this capacity, Lizah was responsible for fundraising through forging compelling partnerships with sponsors and collaborators, and managing all finance matters for the Summit.

She joined the Financing Alliance for Health as the Country Investment & Knowledge Director to engage with a spectrum of stakeholders including governments as primary clients, major NGOs, global funders, banks, and private investors to design, develop and implement financing solutions to address health sector investment gaps in low and middle-income countries. She also leads knowledge management efforts for the organization. She believes closing the health sector investment gap is critical in ensuring access to health for everyone.

Lizah holds a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Swarthmore College (USA) and an MSc in Health Economics & Policy from the London School of Economics (UK). In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, volunteering, and discovering African authors.