A Story of Love from Rivercess

Dr. Raj Panjabi, MD, MPH (CEO, Last Mile Health) & Dr. Ami Waters, MD (UCSF Global Health Fellow, Last Mile Health)

Her white and pink striped shirt draped over her left shoulder like an oversized curtain. As she sat on her mother’s lap, Love stared up at the stethoscopes hung around our necks. She had the apprehension you’d expect to see in the eyes of an infant with four strangers by her bedside. “We just celebrated her first birthday,” her mother told the Ministry of Health doctor and nurses we were rounding with at St Francis Health Center in Rivercess, Liberia. READ MORE

Our World's Healthy Future Needs Community Health Workers 

Katie Taylor (USAID) with Nazo Kureshy (USAID) and Lesley-Anne Long (mPowering Frontline Health Workers)

We live in extraordinary times. In 1960, 22.2% of all children in developing countries - one out of every five - died before the age of 5. Today, we are within reach of ending preventable child deaths. Across developing countries, when compared with fifty years ago, people are living longer, more people are educated, there are fewer wars, and there is an unprecedented drop in both the number and rates of people living in extreme poverty. READ MORE

New Report Shows That Investing in Community Health Workers Is Essential for Improving Health, Strengthening Economy, and Preventing the Next Ebola

Jeffrey Walker, Co-author, 'The Generosity Network'

Rajesh Panjabi, Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

In May, the World Health Organization declared Liberia "Ebola free" after forty-two days without new cases. While this was a remarkable milestone, none of us can forget that Ebola killed 4,800 people in Liberia and has already left more than 11,000 dead across West Africa. READ MORE