The aspiration for the Financing Alliance is that it provides substantial support to governments in better leveraging existing funds and mobilizing new funding for strong and effective health systems. 

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The Financing Alliance will help governments design and fund ambitious, affordable, and at-scale community health programs including by finding innovative financing pathways and investments opportunities that utilize the private sector. While primarily focused on financing, this team would also have technical expertise, helping countries design more efficient and effective systems.  Through in-country secondments and long term support, the Financing Alliance would stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with MOH and MOF managers, helping them develop strategies and financing options.

The Financing Alliance will aim to:

  • Provide value-added and long-term capacity to governments in designing and financing community health systems, including by embedding expertise
  • Serve as a facilitator between the worlds of finance and health in developing countries
  • Push the envelope on how to finance community health as part of sustainable integrated health systems.
  • Enable true south-to-south learning with only deliberate involvement from external financing experts

The Financing Alliance will have the distinct ability to draw on private sector knowledge of financial structuring and access to private sector financing opportunities.  

Why the initial focus on community health?



The Financing Alliance aims to be truly Africa-based, with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health’s International Institute for Primary Care as its first host. In addition, the FSU will have links to the finance and investment communities in the U.S, Europe, and the Middle East/Asia.  

The Financing Alliance will primarily focus on 3 areas of work: 1) country engagement on system design and financing; 2) intellectual capacity/knowledge management; and 3) developing novel financing modalities/products.  

A partnership board and a technical advisory group will support the activities. 

Current status

The Financing Alliance is in establishment at the moment. A number of pilot activities are carried out, for example a pilot on supporting the government of Liberia with its investment plan for Community Health Workers, and the team hopes to be fully up and running by July 2016. The lessons learned during the first year of pilot activities will help inform the evolution of this sector, as well as the Financing Alliance's own operating model.